One on one interview. This is of interest to the property world.

    • Investments. Make shopping in Poland – the appetite of investors and investment funds for properties in Poland has not been weakening. A recipe for an ideal project.
    • Poland's position on the global investments map – attractions and deterrents. What are the challenges?
    • Coworking. The trend that has “rejuvenated” thinking about offices. How will the market for coworking space develop?
    • How to attract investors and large projects – effective mechanisms. Labour market flexibility, legal and tax comfort, access to financing – how to improve conditions for investments? The role of development strategy for responsible business
    • The customer of the 21st century. Does the Internet threaten traditional shops? How will e-commerce change shopping centres?



    Contracting. A time of challenges – problems in the construction market vs. development of the property sector – are there real concerns?


    Will developers withdraw from looking for general contractors and perform investments on their own? Growing prices of construction services and materials and problems related to shortage of labour – apart from the decreasing availability of land and increasing land prices – is one of the major challenges for the property sector. As a result of a shortage of subcontractors, developers “fight” to find subcontractors. How will those problems affect the time required to complete projects?


    Hotels. New chains in attack. Hotel players increasingly focus on Poland


    World brands and local players are oriented on Poland. They’re opening new hotels, buying land and looking for facilities to acquire. How will the market divide up?


    Offices. Coworking has been growing fast in Poland. Will it become competitive for developers?


    The world keeps changing and so do properties. For several years, coworking has been conquering the office market in Europe. London has been the place with the largest demand for such centres. Now the trend has come to Warsaw – how will it change the office market in Poland? Who is happy with the coworking boom and who feels threatened?



    The technologies that change properties – a cycle of presentations


    The PropTech Festival is a new event and competition accompanying the Property Forum 2018, targeted at creators of innovative technologies for real estate organised by the PTWP SA Group, the publisher of and, the organiser of Property Forum 2018 Conference. Creative, innovative, advanced and tailor-made to match the future needs and expectations of the market – we want to promote such solutions and present them to the heads of major market players on the commercial property market: developers, investors, managers and tenants. The PropTech Festival features presentations, discussions and meetings. The authors of the best solutions will be honoured during the Gala for the Prime Property Prize 2018.


    Offices. Is Warsaw too small for shared service centres? Regional cities join the play


    In Poland there are over 1100 service centres for business. Investors are increasingly attracted not only by the capital but also by regional cities. But plans for new projects will be verified by the interest of investment funds and the number of purchase transactions for such properties


    Shopping malls. The sector has never seen such times before. What is the market in for, what should the investment targets be?


    Extremely fast growth in internet sales, the fashion for alternative shopping places and legal changes – doing business in the shopping centre market is no piece of cake any more. There is a lot to fight for since shopping malls continue to be the most attractive investment product in the commercial property sector, much in demand among funds and investors from all over the world.



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    Gala Primie Property Prize 2018