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Investment attractiveness of the real estate sector in Poland
#PropertyInvestment. The power of Polish real estate market

  • One cannot be a leader forever. The Polish real estate market accounts for more than half of the investment appetite for the entire CEE region. How to create an attractive market and remain a leader?
  • Who is buying, and why in Poland? The most active funds investing in Polish real estate
  • Game Changer. Financing, pricing, profitability, and unpredictable interest rates. The scale of challenges and risk assessment in the real estate market
  • The construction market. Costs of investment execution and building materials: How do they affect the profitability of the real estate business?
  • The money market. Is real estate still an attractive product for large investors? What alternatives are there? 
  • WhyPoland? Foreign investment in Poland: Who wants to operate in Poland and why?
  • WhyPoland? The political and economic foundation. The legal and tax environment
  • In search of investment opportunities. Who is building and where? Developers’ plans, the most interesting investments, and trends
  • To live to the age of the Empire State Building. Why is Polish real estate ageing so fast?

The situation in real estate sectors in Poland
#Check. Being honest to a fault about the condition of each of the real estate sectors

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels
  • Flats
  • PRS

The real estate market in Warsaw and in regional cities
The power of Polish cities

  • Warsaw
  • Łódź
  • Katowice
  • Tricity
  • Wrocław
  • Poznań
  • Kraków

The residential real estate market
#The housing industry under pressure

  • The residential market has hit rock bottom. It can only get better, right? Market situation
  • The housing industry needs stable and low interest rates as well as the euro.. What else could be a game changer for the industry and the customers?
  • The Safe 2% Loan First summaries of the government’s housing programme.
  • Has the PRS market had to confront a harsh reality in Poland?

Trends in the real estate market
‘Consumer experience’. These social trends will change the real estate market

  • FLATS. I rent, I don’t buy! I don’t want to be a slave to a place! Does the PRS have a future?
  • SHOPPING. The escape from fast fashion! Because it is too expensive, or not eco-friendly, or because it has all been done before… What are we tempted to buy, and what will we need shops for?
  • WORK. Get down to work! Where do we go with our laptops and for how long? Is the current state of play already the maximum of how working style can change?
  • TRAVELS. How does Generation Z travel? How to make hotels their cup of tea?

Work and offices
#WhyOffice. Working in the office – yes, but under new rules

  • The labour market revolution has become a reality. The hybrid approach will stay with us forever
  • Office ‘downsizing’ has become a reality: offices are getting smaller, while being located in more attractive places inside more interesting buildings. What types of offices does business need today?
  • The keyword is flexibility. Trends in the flex market
  • Who are the new offices for? How is the largest group of office tenants in Poland (the modern business services sector in Poland) growing?
  • A recipe for an office where employees and their needs are at the centre of attention? Employee well-being versus company objectives: How to strike the perfect balance? 

City-forming projects
Mixed-use is the absolute future of real estate

  • Where are mixed-use investments needed?
  • The potential lies in revitalisation
  • What new projects are developers preparing?
  • What is the recipe for an ideal mixed-use project?

Hotels and the MICE market
Tourism is back on track. Are hotels too?

  • Trends in travel and tourism and their impact on the hotel sector
  • Holidays 2023 – we recap. Crete or Sopot – which of the two did tourists choose? Are Polish hotels still competitively priced in the European tourism market?
  • Has business returned to hotels?

Modern technologies in the real estate market
#PropTech. Modern buildings cannot do without these solutions

Energy efficiency in real estate
Climate-related ambitions. Efficiency in the first place

  • RES in real estate. How much does it cost and how does it translate into savings?
  • Energy certification. A revolution, or cosmetic amendments?
  • Who are the green loans for? Are they available only to the ambitious entities for now?
  • The EU climate neutrality aspirations: What do they mean for the real estate industry and the construction sector?
  • ESG in real estate – strategies that make sense
  • Green concrete: What is the cost of building materials without a carbon footprint?
  • Presentations of solutions as part of the ‘green stage’ series

The latest commercial projects in Poland

The investment scene

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