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Property Forum 2023

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13th edition of Property Forum

Owners and heads of the largest real estate companies present in Poland will meet to discuss the most important directions of change in the sector of office buildings, warehouses, shopping centres, hotels, flats and PRS.

  • 19 Thematic sessions
  • 130 Outstanding speakers
  • 1000 participants

This was discussed at the Forum

This year’s edition of the event is held under the slogan PropertyInvestment. The power of Polish real estate market, with the agenda of the event including subjects like:

  • Leaders are not forever. Polish real estate market satisfies half of investment demand in Central and Eastern Europe. How to create an attractive market and maintain pole position?
  • Who, and why, decides to invest in properties in Poland? The most active funds investing in real estate in Poland
  • Game Changer. Financing, prices, profitability and unpredictable interest rate. The scale of challenges and risk assessment in real
  • The money market. Is real estate still an interesting asset for major investors? What are the alternatives?

Our guests included

In the 13th edition of Prime Property Prize decorated will be companies and projects which exerted the largest influence on the commercial properties market in the previous year as well as for people whose spectacular actions have proved instrumental in the development of the entire industry. This year, for the first time, we will give awards to companies for implementing ESG strategies in the real estate market. In another first, we will also distinguish projects executed in the PRS market.


PropTech Festival 2023 – an event for creators of innovative technologies for real estate. Creative, innovative, advanced, tailored to the future and needs of the market – these words best describe solutions we want to promote and present to owners of the largest companies operating on the market of commercial properties: developers, investors, administrators and tenants.


Property Forum 2022

The world has changed. People have changed. Real estate must also change. Last year's Property Forum was held under the motto THE CHANGE.

  • 2 days of panels, discussions and meetings
  • 140 outstanding speakers
  • 1957 guests on site and online

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