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#Check. Being honest to a fault about the condition of each of the real estate sectors – part 2

19 September 2023 • 12:00-13:00 • Ballroom CDE

Thematic scope

The situation in real estate sectors in Poland. Conversation cycle

The hotel market took a hard blow during the Covid-19 pandemic, but after three difficult years, it now seems to have bounced back. Join us for a talk about the challenges faced by the tourism and hospitality industry today.

Apartment prices are growing month after month. Among other things, this is due to the rising prices of construction plots and materials, higher labour costs and a growth in demand. Is this a good moment to buy an apartment? How fast will the prices grow in the future? Does it still make financial sense to invest in an apartment for rent? What do developers need in order to be able to build more, faster?

The institutional rental sector attracts investors. More and more apartments are being offered; new players keep joining the fray. There are also challenges, such as, e.g., the tax environment, the lack of funding for projects and growing investment costs. Will Polish people want to live in rented apartments? How fast can the market be expected to grow? Will the PRS prove to be a remedy for the housing gap in Poland?

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