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Billy Grayson

Billy Grayson

Billy Grayson is the Executive Vice President or Centers and Initiatives and the Executive Director for the Center for Sustainability and Economic Performance at the Urban Land Institute, a nonprofit education and research organization that focuses on land use, real estate and urban development.

As Executive Director for the Center for Sustainability, Mr. Grayson manages a team leading programs on climate risk and resilience, health and wellness, and building energy and environmental performance. ULI works with members, community leaders, coalition partners, and other key stakeholders to build awareness around sustainability issues in the built environment, and to provide our members with the tools and resources they need to cost-effectively drive sustainability into their projects and operations. As EVP for Centers and Initiatives, Mr. Grayson also oversees ULI’s programs on Housing, Infrastructure, Health and Social Equity, and Real Estate Economics and Capital Markets.

Mr. Grayson has over a decade of experience leading energy and sustainability initiatives in real estate, distribution, and supply chain operations. As Sustainability Director at Liberty Property Trust, Mr. Grayson led a 400+ industrial and office properties initiative that included green building construction, energy efficiency retrofits, and sustainability-focused property management strategies and tenant engagement. As Vice President, Social and Environmental Sustainability for the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), Mr. Grayson led a global compliance program working with the electronics supply chain to identify and mitigate environmental and human rights risks in their shared supply chain, as well as programs addressing climate change mitigation. As Sustainability Director at WESCO, Mr. Grayson developed an operational sustainability program for an industrial building portfolio that reduced energy, water, and waste, and launched a global marketing initiative for WESCO’s sustainability-focused energy technology products and services.

Mr. Grayson holds an MBA and a Masters of Public Policy from the University of Maryland and a Bachelors in Environment, Economics, and Politics (EEP) from Claremont McKenna. He is a LEED AP and former Board member of the Delaware Valley Green Building Council and NAREIT Sustainability Advisory Committee.

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    Green buildings, green technologies – how to build without leaving a carbon footprint


    Green buildings, green technologies – how to build without leaving a carbon footprint

    Pursuant to new legislation, as of January 1 all newly built objects must be nearly zero emission buildings. The biggest challenge, thus, is faced by owners of existing buildings – should we expect a wave of renovation projects? What will be the future of green transition in the Polish construction industry and how will it affect the real estate market? Green properties are much more than just LEDs and solar panels – what technologies will initiate the green revolution? Warehouses, hotels, shopping centres, office blocks on their way to a green future.

    Green buildings, green technologies – how to build without leaving a carbon footprint